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  • home
    Where is the POA office located?

    The POA office is located across from the East Gate at 13 Clubhouse Drive, New Orleans LA 70131. The phone number is (504) 391-8000

  • phone
    What is the POA office's phone number?

    The POA office phone number is (504) 391-8000

  • phone
    What are the guardhouse & gate phone numbers?
    Gate Number
    East Gate (504) 391-8098
    West Gate
    Contractor Gate
    (504) 394-5463
  • local_post_office
    Can the guards accept personal deliveries?

    No, the guards cannot accept packages or personal belongings. These may be brought to the POA office during regular business hours.

  • phone
    How do I contact the Country Club?

    The Clubhouse’s phone number is (504) 392-2200.

    For to-go orders call (504) 392-2208.

    Please note the Clubhouse is closed on Mondays.

  • phone
    How do I report suspicious activities?

    If it is an emergency, please dial 911. For non-emergency suspicious behavior, please contact your respective guard and they will report it to the Director of Security.

  • phone
    Who do I call to remove nuisance animals?

    For Animal Control (domestic strays, wild boar, opossums, armadillos, snakes or alligators) call Trapper Eric at (985) 705-1244. There is an additional charge to catch snakes

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    How much are Property Owners’ Association (POA) dues?

    POA dues are currently $1,450 semi-annually ($2,900 annually) due on January 1st and July 1st. They are the same on all properties.

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    Are Country Club Membership fees included in the POA dues?

    Country Club Membership is separate from the POA dues. Currently, there are several levels of membership. Golf memberships include everything.

  • attach_money
    What are the Country Club Membership Fees?
    Membership Type Initiation Fee Monthly Dues
    Family Golf Membership $1500 $355 + $50
    per month
    F&B minimum
    Single Gold Membership $1500 $300 + $40
    per month
    F&B minimum
    Young Professional
    (24-31 years old)
    $1000 $175 + $40
    per month
    F&B minimum
    Junior Gold
    (23 years old)
    $500 $135 + $30
    per month
    F&B minimum
    Fitness/Tennis/Swim $500 $129 + $40
    per month
    F&B minimum
    Social Membership None $90 + $40
    per month
    F&B minimum
    Fitness/Tennis/Swim Summer Only $100 $599
    (total paid up front) May - August
    Corporate Membership Contact General Manager for options

    Amounts above are before 9% state and parish sales tax.

  • attach_money
    What do my POA dues cover?

    Your POA assessment fees, or dues, cover (including but not limited to): 24/7 manned security at both the East & West gates; maintenance of all streets, streetlights, gates, lagoons and common areas; wildlife control; infrastructure maintenance; common area property taxes; all commercial liability policies; POA personnel payroll (enforcement of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions); and social events hosted by the POA. Dues also cover consultant fees for the Architectural Standards Committee, which regulates the exterior aesthetics of the houses in the community

  • attach_money
    How can I pay my dues?

    Your invoice will be emailed to you with a link to pay via QuickBooks. Additionally, you are welcome to send a check to the POA office (13 Clubhouse Drive, New Orleans LA 70131), or drop off your check at the POA office.

  • attach_money
    How can I check the balance on my dues?

    Please call the POA office at (504)391-8000 t check your dues balance.

  • attach_money
    What happens if I do not pay my dues?

    ETPOA semi-annual assessment fees (dues), are due January first and July first with a ten day grace period. After the grace period, a $100 late charge will be added to your account. Should you skip payment on two billing cycles, your account will be turned over to a collection attorney. You will be responsible for all legal fees incurred and lose use of conveniences such as your toll-tag access.

  • emoji_people
    I am a new resident; how do I get in through the gates?

    Your first stop after the closing should be to the POA office. While you are there, you will be given a couple of forms to complete. You will also receive a copy of the resident directory and lots of other helpful move-in information. You can also purchase your gate access tags while you are there.

  • phone
    How do I get a new resident directory?

    Updated directories are available for pick-up in the POA office. They are revised every three to four months.

  • group
    What committees can I join?

    There are several committees available if you would like to contribute to the direction and goals of the English Turn Property Owner's Association. You can see these on the Board and Committees page.

  • calendar_month
    Does English Turn have community events?

    Yes, we do! The POA hosts various events such as crawfish boils, a Halloween Extravaganza, Christmas caroling, and much more for the entire community to join. You will be notified of such events via email blasts.

  • calendar_month
    Are there regular community meetings?

    Yes, there is a community meeting with the Board of Directors and POA staff every third Tuesday of the month. These meetings take place in person at the POA office and are broadcast simultaneously via Zoom. The link is sent out in an email blast one hour prior to the meeting.

  • calendar_month
    When are the elections for the Board of Directors?

    Elections are held at the Annual Meeting within the first quarter of the year. Presently there will be an election each year to stagger terms. Each term is based on the number of votes received. The top three elected receive a two year term while the bottom two receive a one year term. The Annual Meeting date and subsequent election will be announced via email blast.

  • phone
    How do I contact the Board of Directors?

    A contact list for the current Board of Directors is available upon request by calling the POA office at (504) 391-8000.

  • grass
    If I purchase a lot, who takes care of the mowing/upkeep while it is sitting vacant (before building and taking occupancy)?

    You may either contract your own lawn service to keep up the mowing/upkeep of the lot; or, you can have the POA provide this service at their cost and bill you quarterly.

  • home
    Is there a minimum square footage of a home requirement for building?

    There is no minimum requirement of square footage of a home. The house plans must meet other architectural guidelines and be approved by the English Turn Architectural Committee prior to construction.

    Download English Turn ASC Design Guidelines

  • home
    What do I have to do to have an open house?

    Your realtor should contact the POA office so that we may notify the guard of the date and time of your open house. Directional and Open House signs are allowed for the duration of the open house only.

  • outlet
    Can I install a full house generator?

    Yes, all generators must be approved by the ASC prior to installation. Please refer to the generator guidelines.

    English Turn Generator Guidelines

  • forest
    What are the rules for removing a tree from my property?

    Any dead or diseased trees must be removed. However, permission from the ASC must be obtained prior to removal. If the tree is part of your original reforestation plan, you may have to replace it with another reforestation-quality tree. Please contact the POA Office to determine if the tree is a reforestation tree.

  • markunread_mailbox
    How do I repair or replace my mailbox?

    In most cases, a broken mailbox can be welded. Mailboxes are cast aluminum and require an aluminum weld. For welding repairs, call the POA Office for welder suggestions. A new mailbox can be purchased on Amazon using the key words “Barcelona mailbox with post.” All mailboxes mail be painted black.

  • markunread_mailbox
    How do I get new numbers for my mailbox?

    Brass numbers can be purchased in the POA Office for $6 each.

  • signpost
    Are signs allowed?

    No, signs are not allowed in yards or in windows. Realtors may have directional and For Sale signs in the yard for the duration of and Open House ONLY. Any signs left in the yard or in common areas will be removed.

  • group
    What are the guards’ responsibilities?

    The guards on post at English Turn are employees of GardaWorld guard services. They are not allowed to leave the guardhouse and are strictly for gate access. They are not English Turns private police force. Any emergency situations should be reported to 911.

  • recycling
    What are the trash and recycling days?

    Trash day is on Saturday. Recycling is on Monday. Please do not pull your cans to the curb until after 4pm the evening before. Our trash/recycling collector is Richard’s Disposal (504) 241-2142. Please call them for broken cans or skipped collection.

  • delete
    Who can haul off debris?

    Any large debris besides “kitchen & bathroom” garbage (i.e. drywall or construction material), will need to be hauled away by a private contractor. In some instances, Richard’s Disposal can pick up “bulk waste.” You must call them in advance (504) 241-2142. They will also pick up moving boxes if they are broken down and lawn clippings if they are bagged up.

  • construction
    How do I build a house in English Turn

    Most questions can be answered by referring to the ASC guidelines. Please contact the POA office with specific questions

    Download English Turn ASC Design Guidelines

  • construction
    Can I use my own builder?

    Builders must be approved by the English Turn Architectural Committee. A current list of approved builders is linked below. If you have a builder that is not on the list, they can submit for approval by the English Turn Architectural Committee.

    Download English Turn Approved Builders

    Download English Turn Application for Plan Approval

  • construction
    Do I need permission to paint / add an addition / add a gazebo / add a pool / change my landscaping?

    Yes. ANY changes to the exterior of the property need prior approval from the Architectural Standards Committee (ASC). Please see the ASC Guidelines (linked below) or call the POA Office for details.

    Download English Turn ASC Design Guidelines

  • construction
    How do I get my curb repaired?

    The POA handles curb and street repairs. The POA is not responsible for the driveway slope or apron. You may contact the POA for inspection/ to get on the repair list.

  • local_shipping
    Where do my contractors, moving vans, and trucks enter?

    Moving vans and large trucks (i.e. furniture and appliance delivery trucks) must use the Contractor’s Entrance located on Highway 406. The Contractor’s Gate is an automated gate that is manned by Security at the West Gate. The West Gate will call you to confirm entry.

  • construction
    What hours are contractors permitted?

    Contractors’ hours are Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Any contractors still performing work after these hours will be asked to leave the community. There is no work on Sunday or holidays (New Years Day, Mardi Gras Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day. No lot filling, clearing, pile driving or guniting will be allowed on Saturdays. Pouring of concrete is the exception.

  • groups_2
    Who are the Amigos?

    The Amigos (self-titled) are our seasonal workers who are generally here during the summer and fall seasons. They are H2B visa workers, and their arrival is not guaranteed.

  • satellite_alt
    Can I install a satellite dish?

    Yes, but they cannot be visible from the street. The satellite dish must be installed on the back of the house. If a pedestal is required, it must be landscape screened from view.

  • solar_power
    Can I install solar panels?

    Solar panels will need prior approval from the Architectural Standards Committee (ASC).

  • directions_car_filled
    Can my guests park on the street overnight?

    There is NO OVERNIGHT PARKING on the streets. Should you have temporary guests that would require extra parking, there are overflow lots throughout the community. You may also call the POA Office to request a Dash Pass.

  • directions_car_filled
    Where can I get a new gate access tag (toll tag)?

    Gate access tags or Toll Tags may be purchased for $20 each and programmed at the POA Office. Your tags allow you to enter using the automatic card reader at the far right-hand lane of the guardhouses.

  • directions_car_filled
    What is the gold decal for?

    The gold decals are your instant visual recognition for the guards. They do not have any automation. They are a back-up in case of power or computer failure.

  • person_add_alt
    How do I add a visitor or guest to my list?

    You may enter your guest on the online gate access program called GateSure (CapSure). Permanent Visitors List.

    Click here to log in to the GateSure web site. Call the POA Office for log-in credentials.

  • groups_2
    How do let multiple guests in for a party?

    Create a list of expected guests and give it to the guards manning your gate

  • groups_2
    How do let people in from the call box?

    You may give your 3-digit Directrory Code to your visitors. Here is how they get in:

    1. They enter the code into the call box (just those three-digits, no # or * necessary).

    2. Your cell phone will ring. Answer the call, pull up your cell’s keypad, and press 9.

    3. The gates will open.

    If your phone number(s) have not been programmed into your respective call box, please call the POA Office (504) 391-8000

  • help
    Is there a lost and found?

    The POA keeps a lost and found box in the office. If you find something, please drop it off to the office.